• In The News

    Pot is Back on the Ballot in Florida

    John Morgan’s campaign to legalize marijuana under the guise of medicine has garnered enough signatures to move onto the Florida ballot again.

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  • Current Research

    New Research Concludes “Cannabis cannot be safely recommended for the treatment of developmental or behavioral disorders at this time."

    Check out the study entitled, “Medical Marijuana: Review of the Science and Implications for Developmental Behavioral Pediatric Practice,” published in PubMed.

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  • Recent Video

    Thinking About Dropping Marijuana From Your Drug Test

    Videos Dec 23, 2015 Happy Holidays from DFAF! Nov 18, 2015 Shelby's Story Nov 13, 2015 Thinking about dropping marijuana from your drug test With the wave of marijuana legalization spreading across the country, some employers may be thinking about dropping marijuana from their drug testing panel as a way to address the situation.

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