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    Heroin in soups and lollipops: How drug cartels evade border security

    The case highlights the increasingly sophisticated tactics drug-trafficking organizations use to largely bypass traditional border-security screening systems and walls. Even as the United States spends billions of dollars along the Mexico border — the main route for drug trafficking — as part of President Donald Trump’s crackdown on national security, the traffickers have found ways to avoid the cameras, drones, drug dogs and agents along the border, officials said.

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  • Current Research

    Research finds link between marijuana use and testicular cancer

    New research from Northern Medical Program Professor Dr. Russ Callaghan has found that use of marijuana is associated with the development of testicular cancer. As part of a retrospective study, Dr. Callaghan and his team looked at data from young men conscripted for military service in Sweden in 1969 and 1970, and tracked their health conditions over the following 42 years.

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    Official YouTube Channel

    Drug Free America Foundation continues to post relevant news and resources to our official YouTube channel. Check it out!

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