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The Otto and Connie Moulton Library for Drug Prevention

Our reference collection contains more than 2100 books and other media chronicling the rise of the drug culture and current drug policy issues. Our librarian also maintains an up-to-the-minute electronic library of articles about drug policy and current scientific research. Have a question or need some research assistance?
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Our Benefactors:

Otto and Connie Moulton began collecting materials about the drug culture and became activists, founding a newsletter titled "Committees of Correspondence" and coordinating letter writing campaigns to alert elected leaders to drug legalization issues. Mr. Moulton toured for five years as a speaker against drug abuse and was instrumental in the passage of the anti-drug paraphernalia law. Their generosity in sharing their materials enables Drug Free America Foundation to be the international resource for drug prevention research, and their commitment to keeping our children's future free from drugs continues to inspire our work.

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