Pesticides and Pot

"An NBC4 I-Team investigation found evidence suggesting that pesticides could be present in a lot of the marijuana legally sold in California. And, some scientists are especially concerned about those pesticides being inhaled when people smoke or vape marijuana."


An Open Letter to the Citizens of Florida

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Florida:

As Florida sheriffs we have taken an oath to serve and protect the citizens of this great state and are obligated to warn you of the dangers of Amendment 2. Our desire is not to debate the validity of marijuana as a medicine, but to inform you that Amendment 2 is still a wolf in sheep's clothing riddled with loopholes large enough…

Congratulations to our 2016 Moxie Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Moxie Award Winners

  1. Dr. Bertha Madras
  2. David Evans 
  3. Ellen Snelling
  4. Teresa Miller
  5. Cabell Vildibill
  6. Nancy Hamilton
  7. Mark and Laurie Serra
  8. Mike Dyer
  9. Eileen LaHaie
  10. Senator Jack Latvala
  11. Representative Darryl Rouson  
  12. Pat…

International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy Releases Recommendations on International Drug Control in Preparation for the United Nation’s General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS)

Members of the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy (ITFSDP) have analyzed marijuana legalization in key states within the United States noting various consequences of this failed policy. Further, Task Force members stand in support of our international drug treaties and intend to work to preserve them, along with public health and safety, through a set of policy recommendations that…

CDC Announces New Prescribing Guidelines for Opioids

"The Centers for Disease Control recently came out with new guidelines to help reduce the risk of opioid abuse or death which offers some stringent recommendations which are starting to be adopted by some state legislatures and Connecticut is considering action as well."


Pot is Back on the Ballot in Florida

John Morgan’s campaign to legalize marijuana under the guise of medicine has garnered enough signatures to move onto the Florida ballot again. The language is so similar to the 2014 amendment that not much has changed. This initiative still commercializes marijuana, creating a big marijuana industry, and gives immunity to physicians recommending the drug.

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Monitoring the Future Releases 2015 Drug Use Survey There’s Good News and Bad

Today, the National Institute on Drug Abuse released the results of the 2015 Monitoring the Future Survey. The good news is that the report showed a decline in the use of ecstasy, synthetic marijuana, heroin, cigarettes and alcohol. The bad news is that we are not making any real strides in decreasing the use of marijuana.  Also, the usage of e-cigarettes by young people is becoming more…

The American College of Pediatricians Say Marijuana Use is Detrimental to Youth

Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. commends the American College of Pediatricians for taking a stand against marijuana legalization. Early and persistent marijuana use negatively impacts the developing brain. States considering legalizing marijuana should heed the below warning.

“In summary, marijuana use is harmful to children and adolescents. For this reason, the American…

Past Month Marijuana Use Soars in the Last Decade among Those Twelve and Older According to New Report

The 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health was just released and indicated that 1 in 10 Americans aged 12 or older have used an illicit drug in the past month. Of the 27 million past month illicit drug users, 22.2 million were using marijuana.  Past month marijuana use in this group jumped from 6.2 percent in 2002 to 8.4 percent in 2014.

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A University of Michigan Report Shows an Alarming Increase in Frequent Marijuana Use Among College Students Nationwide

New Monitoring the Future report shows that marijuana use among college-students is at an all-time high since 1980. This report reveals that 1 in 17 college students is using marijuana on a daily or near-daily basis. This report also looks at the usage of various drugs among the age group 19-55. 

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