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True Compassion: About Marijuana CD-ROM - $8.00 ea.

This CD was designed to provide information necessary to understand the overall hazards of marijuana.

It includes information about the science, the legalization agenda, societal impacts, and solutions for addressing the issues associated with this movement, as well as links to references for further research.

Real View Mirror: Looking at Your Future, Leaving the Drug Culture Behind - VHS Only - $6.00 ea.

This four-part video series educates youth, parents and others on the harms of drug use and addiction. Join nine engaging high school students as they discuss current drug trends and the pressures youth experience through candid peer dialogue.

Subject matter experts discuss the dangers of drugs and their effects, dispel myths common to drug use and highlight the legalities associated with controlled substances. This series also provides survival strategies for youth, demonstrating how to protect oneself and avoid falling victim to drugs and the drug culture.

The series was developed, written and produced by Drug Free America Foundation. The four video topics are Drug Victimization, The Flawed Notion of Harm Reduction, Club Drugs and Raves and Marijuana: What You Haven't Heard.

In Focus : A Clear Message About Drugs - CD-ROM - $8.00 ea.

InFocus is an interactive CD Rom that engages and instructs on the dangers of drugs and the importance of communication and a drug free lifestyle, with content specifically for youth and adults. It incorporates bold graphics, progressive music options, MTV-style video and games.

Deadly Indifference: The Price of Ignoring the Youth Drug Epidemic - CD-ROM - $6.00 ea.

This CD chronicles a family's struggle with addiction, death and the role student drug testing might have played in saving a young life. CD length: 8 minutes, 30 seconds. Produced by Drug Free America Foundation, Inc., (c) 2001.

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