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New Research: AAA Study Shows Fatal Crashes Where Marijuana Was Present Doubled in Washington State After the Drug Was Legalized Recreationally

AAA study shows fatal crashes where marijuana was present doubled in Washington State after the drug was legalized recreationally.

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The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice Launches Volume 10 Issue 1: Drug Abuse: Revealing the Impacts through Science

In this edition of the Journal, our feature article is by Siskiyou County, CA Sheriff-Coroner Col. Jon E. Lopey, Sr., BA, MJM, FBINA, (USA-Ret) entitled Colorado’s Decriminalization of Marijuana: A Forecast for Justice System Administrators.Col. Lopey provides a comprehensive analysis of research on the impacts and effects experienced as a result of the marijuana legalization movement,…

Washington State Releases Impact Report Regarding Legalized Pot and it Doesn’t Look Good!

According to the report, “Adults in Washington state rank among the highest users of marijuana in the nation, pot is disrupting the classroom and cannabis grown in The Evergreen State is being illegally exported across America, concludes a new report that examines the impacts of the drug since voters legalized it for recreational use in 2012.”

New Research Concludes “Cannabis cannot be safely recommended for the treatment of developmental or behavioral disorders at this time."

Check out the study entitled, “Medical Marijuana: Review of the Science and Implications for Developmental Behavioral Pediatric Practice,” published in PubMed. 

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Latest Results for Colorado on Youth and Adult Use

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New Research From the Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency Links Pot Use with Psychotic Behavior

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Marijuana Use Doubles Over the Past Decade

According to a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association Psychiatry, marijuana use has increase from 4.1% in 2001/2002 to  9.5% in 2012/2013.  Deborah Hasin, lead author on this study said, “People should consider this information when they’re making choices about using marijuana, and the public should consider the information as they consider legalization.” 


New Report From the Rocky Mountain HIDTA Detailing Impacts of Marijuana Legalization In Colorado

Highlights include that since marijuana has been legalized there has been increases in in marijuana-related traffic deaths, youth use, adult use, marijuana-related violations on school campuses, marijuana-related emergency room visits and hospitalizations, marijuana ingestions among children, and many more negative impacts.  

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The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice Launches Volume 9 Issue 3: Assessing the Impacts of Marijuana in America

In this edition, our theme is “Assessing the Impact of Marijuana in America.” The contributions include an original paper entitled, Assessing Physicians’ Perspectives and Knowledge of Medical Marijuana and the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act. byBarret Michalec, PhD, Laura Rapp, PhD and Tanya Whittle, MA, that examines physicians’ knowledge regarding marijuana as a treatment and how many…

The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) Report Refuted by University of Florida’s Drug Policy Institute

The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) Report was refuted by the University of Florida’s Drug Policy Institute.

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