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Psychosis often the effect of long-term, recreational marijuana use

Diego was a 20-year-old college junior who was brought to the emergency room by the police. They were called by his resident advisor for bizarre behavior in the dormitory. Diego was anxious, frequently glancing around the room, and talked in a disorganized manner about the Illuminati, Freemasons and the end of the world.

A urine drug screen was positive for cannabis. When asked later during…

People who use medical marijuana more likely to use and misuse prescription drugs

Can medical marijuana help to fight the opioid epidemic? Many believe that it can. But a new study finds that people who use medical marijuana actually have higher rates of medical and non-medical prescription drug use--including pain relievers. The study appears in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, the official journal of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), published by…

Study reveals negative long-term effects of heavy cannabis use on brain function and behavior

New study in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging looks at the effects of heavy cannabis use on brain function and behavior

Young people with cannabis dependence have altered brain function that may be the source of emotional disturbances and increased psychosis risk that are associated with cannabis abuse, according to a new study published in Biological Psychiatry:…

How Opioids Kill

What happens in the body during a fatal overdose? And why is fentanyl responsible for more deaths than ever?

One evening this past fall a patient stumbled into the emergency room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “I don’t feel so…” she muttered, before losing consciousness. Her breathing was shallow and her pupils were pinpoints, typical symptoms of an opioid overdose.


Research finds link between marijuana use and testicular cancer

New research from Northern Medical Program Professor Dr. Russ Callaghan has found that use of marijuana is associated with the development of testicular cancer.

As part of a retrospective study, Dr. Callaghan and his team looked at data from young men conscripted for military service in Sweden in 1969 and 1970, and tracked their health conditions over the following 42 years. They found that…

The Tragedy of Opioid Addicted Babies

If there’s anything more heartbreaking than the opioid and heroin addiction epidemic wreaking havoc on men and women across America, it’s the drug addicted babies who are born as a result. It would be impossible to imagine the pain a helpless baby dependent on opioids must feel when he or she uncontrollably vomits, has sweats and experiences diarrhea. As sickening as this may seem, this is the reality…

Cannabis Use and Risk of Prescription Opioid Use Disorder in the United States

The full article can be purchased from The American Journal of Psychiatry, but the abstract is viewable for free.


The 10 Worst States for the Deadly Drug Crisis

WalletHub, an online research group, has released a new study that shows the Distrtict of Columbia having a larger drug addiction problem than any of the 50 states.

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Key Recent Findings Emerge for Health Risks of Marijuana Use

"Thanks to advances in science, we have never known so much about the effects marijuana use has on the human body, particularly, the fragile brain. Yet, in a political era when scientific research is regularly marshalled to end public policy debates, the powerful, growing scholarship on marijuana has largely been ignored or dismissed. Indeed, marijuana use seems to be one of the glaring areas in…

New Research: Impact of cannabis on the neurocognitive performance of Jamaican adolescents

"Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug among Jamaican adolescent males. Neurocognitive impairment may be a residual effect of cannabis use. This study investigated the neuropsychological performances of adolescent male cannabis users on tests of learning, attention and memory."

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